The name of Qatar is a source of pride for Qataris.
This is the reason why Mr. Ahmed al-Hammadi included Qatar’s name in his company’s since its inception in 2004. Besides being generous, Qatar has achieved a global stance characterized by excellence and development. In the midst of the rapid developments the country is witnessing,

Mr. Al-Hammadi chose “Dynamic Project” as the most name properly aligned with the nature of Qatar’s development and relates to his aspiration for his then startup company.
Contrary to common belief and conventionality, Qatar Dynamic Project always sets out business models embracing innovation, feasibility and realistic choices. These are some magic mixture aspects through which Mr. Ahmed Al-Hammadi has made his 16-year success story as a businessman.


  • Integrity, transparency and quality are the solid relationship basis with the clientele.
  • Insight into reality, pliability and high quality in performance are the secrets of achievement and development.
  • Excellence and innovation to develop the community and business environment.
  • The business environment is not isolated, yet it lives within community, feels its needs and reacts accordingly.


A leading Qatari firm in real estate and its management fulfilling sensible needs and future aspirations


  • To offer best real estate services for customers and tenants at competitive prices.
  • To create a major change in services, designs and Implementation of realty projects.
  • To make available a variety of options aligned with the local market and its developments.
  • To achieve durability for companies, environment and community via efficient planning and smart investment initiative.

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Call Center Staff


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QDP imprint

Not only does QDP do construction and leasing, but its projects feature the following as well:

  • Green buildings designed to reduce lighting use
  • Residential units at dynamic locations vibrant with movement and business
  • Extremely competitive prices resistant to market fluctuations
  • Newfangled, stylish and refined designs with top-notch finishing.
  • Residential units fulfilling the needs of multiple categories representing a huge segment in the society

Our relationship with customers

Regardless of the business model, our relationship with the customer pivots on trust, honesty and high quality. Client retention rather than high profit is aligned with the society’s needs, preferences and tastes.